You never let me learn
From my mistakes.
Instead you bred more of
Your own fear.

You never let me grow
From my own roots.
Instead you shed more of
Your snake skin.

You never understood growth
Because your parents never let you truly grow, child.
Instead you learned how to grip – to cling…
You held on to everything for far too long.

You ended my process.
You squelched my pain.
You became an emperor
A tyrant…
You ended YOUR own reign.

What you do has consequences
What do you don’t do has repercussions all the same.
What you do has supposed intention
What you don’t do is see your blatant blame.

I admit that I am not perfect.
I admit that I am at fault.
I admit that I am responsible.
But only for my own parts – I won’t rot.

I admit that I am prideful.
I admit that I have strong beliefs.
I admit that I have high standards-
Then again, I welcome admittance to any defeat.

I am strong in this way, this paradoxical way
I am strong because I know who I am
I am resourceful and instinctual and calm-
Most of the time-
I admit that my day-to-day carries change.

Regardless, you must know you hurt me.
If you don’t, well then here is my truth.
You left your heart behind your mind
And you let your fears rule you.
You thought that I was so hard to find…
Yet all I did was bathe with the moon.

You posed your revenge
Not knowing who I am
And your mistake was in that moment…
I offered you a choice
You brought more fear
And in a while you will be fully dormant.


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