On Living and Dying Day 25 by Marlena McGuigan

Thanks to the wonderful mind of Sreejit Poole, I added my contribution to his “On Living + Dying” series. Check out my post, but please check out everyone else’s too! There is some great mind matter in there.

The Seeker's Dungeon

The Ives

by Marlena McGuigan of Marsnplato

None of us survives this place.

That isn’t meant to be a grim reminder of our finite nature, being in a body and all; rather, it is a meant to be a reminder that we can choose how to live with the time we have. We can go through life with the perspective that we are barely surviving – and yes, so many of are “just getting by.” We can also go through life with the perspective that we are thriving – and yes, many of us are “successful” and “happy.” I know I’ve lived both – often simultaneously somehow.

When I think of what living + dying are all about, my mind goes in all sorts of different directions. First stop: my spiritual perspective. I tend to live with an all-loving, forgiving, and nonjudgmental or objective “God.” This God of mine isn’t separate…

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