Tiny Art Show


There’s a tiny art show going on in June in Denver. I am joining it. I don’t think it’s going to be “tiny” as in only the owners and myself will be in attendance. I don’t think it will be “tiny” as in only little ideas will be shared. It’s called a tiny art show because pieces of art can be no larger than 5X5 inches.

So, I did these tiny pieces. They are 4.5×4.5 inches. I am going to get tiny frames this evening. The middle piece is actually a replica of a much larger canvas I’ve done. I have 4 requests for t-shirts. I am going to fulfill those requests and wait for a company like Urban Outfitters, Inc. to contact me because they want to buy the image(s). It’s all copyrighted, U.O., Inc. Even if you tweak it a little – there is no loophole here. Don’t test me.

I wanted to share about this tiny art show for a few reasons:

1.) If you’re interested, and you can get something out to 299 Detroit Street in Denver, Colorado 80206 by 12pm this Saturday (June 18th), hang-ready…then see more details on the event here.

2.) If you’re still interested, then also check out the Observashunal blog challenge on the quest for fire. What does this have to do with the tiny art show? Well, when I completed my tiny art series last night, the word “fire” landed itself above the word “water” in the piece on the right. You’ll put two and two together on that. Or maybe five and five. I have faith regardless.

3.) If you’re on life support with interest at this point, I’ll try to offer you a few last breaths of fresh air. I am adding Featured Artists to my business website soon. If you want to contribute somehow, I will be rotating artists and posting to a business blog beginning in July. My first post will be on the tiny art show.

4.) If you’re not interested in anything here, then I don’t know why you’re still reading.

5.) If for some reason your interest cannot let go at this point, I apologize. Because this sentence is the last sentence available to read here.


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